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Hemp is a complete source of protein, containing 20 amino acids, 9 of them essential amino acids, the building blocks for strong bones, tissue and skin, as well as omega-3 and 6 in a balanced 3:1 ratio to prevent excessive inflammation, balance hormones and maintain heart health.

Hemp is rich in vitamin E complex, crucial for good skin, hair and cell growth, and phytosterols, known to lower cholesterol.

Hemp seeds are one of the highest sources of plant-based magnesium, a key nutrient for healthy neurotransmitter function that alleviates stress.

Containing iron too, essential for red blood cells, and zinc to maintain a strong immune system, hemp is a unique source of the best nutrients found in nature.

  • (100ml. Ionosil Colloidal Silver) Colloidal Silver is a mineral that can be used to kill infections. PoweredbyNature’s formula contains 30 ppm pure 99.99% silver in purified and deionized water for maximum effectiveness. 

  • (500g.) Hemp seeds are one of the highest sources of plant protein, containing both globulin edistin and albumin, proteins similar to blood plasma, essential for nutrient absorption and healthy muscle growth.

  • (60 capsules) With the potential to treat ulcers, gastric hyperacidity and gum disease, prevent diabetes, kill bacteria, enhance blood circulation, improve eye and liver health, and relieve joint pain Neem is a uniquely powerful natural supplement.

  • (300 Softgels/1000IU) Take one vitamin D3 capsule per day to eradicate tiredness, aches and pains, weak bones or muscles; boost the immune system, promote weight loss and fight depression.


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