Did you know hemp can change the quality of your life?

Welcome to PoweredbyNature

We’re so happy to see you here because it means you not only care about your health, but also the quality of the supplements you’re taking to protect your future health.

The PoweredbyNature health philosophy is built on two tenets:

  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Strong health starts with good diet and nutrition

We began the process of creating PoweredbyNature in early 2016 and back then we had two goals: to create a network of experts to arm people with the latest knowledge on diet, nutrition and how to achieve optimal health, and to source and supply only the best quality hemp and natural supplements.

To achieve the first goal we’ve spent the last year building a network of health professionals, from researchers and homeopaths to health centres and cancer survivors, to create a library of health information to share with you. We’ve met so many inspirational people who’ve overcome incredible health challenges using a mix of hemp and natural supplements. Hemp has transformed the quality of these people’s lives in surprising ways. In the coming months we’ll be sharing their stories with you, plus, the latest news from the world of hemp and natural healing, and interviews with experts. We’ve so much to share! Stay tuned!

To achieve the second goal we’ve been working with the best organic hemp farmers and lab technicians in Europe to create a unique range of hemp healing products. Our Botanical Oil Blend, hemp oil concentrate enriched with vitamin D, and our healing balm, raw hemp mixed with coconut oil and cocoa butter, infused with vitamin E, are original PoweredbyNature products. We’re very happy to report everyone loves these products and is blown away by the results. We didn’t stop there. We also sourced a selection of quality natural dietary supplements such as neem, spirulina and acerola to provide you with a full range of essential nutrients needed to build and protect your health.

The next step is up to you.

We hope you’ll take this journey with us because we want you to achieve your health goals too. We believe all you have to do is put your faith in the power of nature.

To all of you,

Peace and good health,
From all of us at PoweredbyNature LTD.